The OSCO Construction Group consists of construction and manufacturing companies which fabricate both steel & precast concrete products and perform specialty construction services.

Each Spring and Fall we publish our bi-annual Group magazine called Connections.
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CURRENT ISSUE: Spring & Summer 2019
link: Spring2019.pdf

On this issue's cover:
Moncton's TransAqua Project

3Message from the President
48Our Locations

32Safety: Meet Our New Trainer
32Technology: homebase
33Environment: Sampling Program
34Environment: Aggregates: Glenholme
35Facilities: Strescon Bedford Upgrades
37Facilities: Aggregates: Canaan

8Fredericton Cyber Park
9Brown St Parking Garage
10CFB Stradicona
11SMU Arena
12Port of Saint John
13Mercantile Centre
14Winslow Infrastructure
15RISD Quad Block
16140 Carleton
17Sidney Wharf
18PwC @ CenterBeam
19The Vuze
20Miscellaneous Metals
20Champlain Str. Plaza
21The George
22Kirkland Lake Gold
24Irving Oil Home Office
25Fenway Center
26NS Highway 102/103
27Irving Oil Refinery
28Central Park Condos
29Moosehead Cold Beer Store
30Gordon Food Services
30Rebar Projects
31North Square

public & community

38Helping Hands
39Summer Camp Support
40School Recruiting


4225 Year Club
44Take Our Kids to Work
45Health & Wellness
46Don's Choice
46Moose Light Henry
47Fresh Faces

CURRENT ISSUE: Fall & Winter 2018
link: Connections-Fall2018.pdf

On this issue's cover:
Moncton's Avenir Centre

3Message from the President
28Profile: 20 Years of Connections
56Our Locations

4Technology: UNB Off-Site Construction Research
41Safety: Group Safety Awards
42Safety: Practice Makes Perfect
43Environment: Are You Done Withh That?
43Technology: homebase
44Facilities: Ready-Mix Equipment Upgrades
45Facilities: Environmental Award
46Facilities: Aggregates Transportation

8Avenir Centre
12Hampton Inn & Suites
13Indian Head Lighthouse
14Duncan MacMillan High
15Fenway Center Towers
16Lake Major Dam
17HP Hood
19Irving Oil Refinery
20Moncton Wildcats
21Blue Iron
22Saint John Water
25Costco Gasoline
26Merex Fish Plant
26Downeast Ambulatory
2720 City Point
30Spry Harbour Overpass
31Sunrise Trail Infrastructure
32Precast Bridges
34Miscellaneous Metals
34Petroleum Systems
35Nobra Holstein Farm
36Homewood Suites/Hampton Inn combo
38Halifax International Airport
38Rebar Projects
39École Arc-en-ciel
40Barrington Street, Halifax
40Riverview Estates

public & community

47CPCI Precast Concrete Studio
48Pte. David Greenslade Bursary
48NSCC Bursary


49Group Golf Challenge
50Employee Appreciation Celebration
52Retirement Lane
54Group Picnic
55OSCO Group Bursaries
55Fresh Faces