Fall & Winter 2011
link: ConnectFall11.pdf

On this issue's cover:
HWK Commons at UNBSJ

3 Message from the President


4 Safety Recognition Program

4 Group Safety News

4 Quality Control Updates

26 Environment: Sustainability

28 Infrastructure: One World XE to E9 Upgrade

26 Infrastructure: Strescon Batch Plant

Strescon-SJ Installs New Concrete Batching Plant for

Architectural Precast


6 Hans W. Klohn Commons

New UNBSJ Showpiece Named in Honour of OSCO Construction Group Cofounder

9 Irving Families Donate $3M for New UNBSJ Building

10 Lalor Project: Ocean Steel Supplies & Erects Over 2000

Tons in Snow Lake, Manitoba

12 Picadilly Update: Mine Supply Air Building; Production & Service Head Frames; Conveyor Gallery #3 Installation;

Raw Ore Building

14 Pipe Division Update: Highway 1 Project & Largest

Stormceptor Installation in Atlantic Canada

16 Red Rose Tea Window Repair & Tenant Work
16 Atlantic Wallboard Rail Car Unloading Shed
17 Taking Teamwork to the Bank:OSCO Group Members

Cooperate on CIBC Bank Project

17 Moncton High School Electrical Upgrade
18 Pouring it On: Ready Mix Project Updates

Safety; capital expenditures; quality control; material

supply; market leadership; plant, fleet & project updates

21 Strescon Sells Strescore Down by the Seashore

Strescon carries on long tradition with Ocean Properties,

Bar Harbor, ME
22 Rebar Update:Misc Jobs; Route 1 Bridge Piers; Baker Drive

Apartment Building
23 Marque Industrial Updates:Irving Pulp & Paper; Moosehead

Breweries; Irving Oil Refinery
24 Miscellaneous Metals Division
24 Princess Margaret's Bridge

24 McAdam Logging Bridges

public & community

34 Connecting with the Community: Steel Day; National

Precast Day; Extreme Makeover - School Edition; Strescon

Ready-Mix Donates to Kingston Soccer Clubhouse


27 H.W.K. Honoured with Doctorate Degree

30 OSCORS Employee Recognition Dinner

33 Human Resources News

33 Retirement Lane: Richard Melanson; Daniel Vienneau;

Ronald Basque; Doug Garnett; Paul McDermott; Maurice

Devost; Joe Crowley; Vernon (Joe) Mullin; John Ross; Joe

Rector; Steve Handrahan & Bill Davis.

37 Group Golf Tournament

38 Strescon Golf Tournament

38 Group Picnic

39 OSCO Bursary Winners

39 Fresh Faces

39 Congratulations

40 Our Locations