Fall & Winter 2010
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On this issue's cover:
Irving Oil Refinery Dehexanizer Project

3 Message from the President
4 Safety: OSCO Group Introduces New Hazard Identification
Process for Field Operations
5 Safety News
6 Safety Poster Contest
6 Quality Control Updates
36 OSCO Group Develops Environment Policy
36 Strescon Bedford Recognized for Recycling Efforts

8 Irving Oil Refinery Dehexanizer Project
10 Bridging the Distance: Penniac Bridge & Princess Margaret
11 Casino New Brunswick
12 Fredericton East End Development Parking Garage
13 FCC "Upcycles" Old Strescon Office
13 Dalhousie Correctional Facility
14 Projects in the Precast Pipeline: East Bound Pipeline
Headwalls; Welsford, NB Bypass; Auburn, Maine
16 FCC Helps Bring New Life to Heritage Building:Restoring one
of the oldest British Naval facilities in Canada
17 A New Landmark for an Old City: Commercial Properties
donates clock to the City of Saint John

18 Picadilly Potash Project Update
22 Rebar Project Updates: Misc. Projects; Saint John Law
Courts; Kings Wharf, Dartmouth, NS
24 MSD Upgrades
24 Marque Industrial Updates: IOR Fuel Gas Containment
Project; Irving Paper; North Satellite Electrical Substation;
Picadilly Potash Mine
25 Lake Utopia Paper
26 Pouring it On: Ready Mix Project Updates: PEI Potato
Storage; Canadian Coast Guard; Masstown Market; NS
Nursing Home
27 OSCO Concrete Helps Introduce Innovative New
Ready-Mix Technologies: Cellular Concrete & Pervious
28 York Miscellaneous Metals Updates

20 Customer Profile: CEMENTATION
public & community
29 Strescon to Offer Continuing Education Seminars
29 Strescon Project Wins PCI Design Award - Halifax
International Airport Parking Garage Takes Home Prize
30 Haiti Relief
30 OSCO Bursary Winners
30 OSCO Excellence Award
31 National Precast Week & CISC SteelDay Tours

32 Group Retirees
34 OSCORS Employee Recognition Dinner
37 OSCO Golf Tournament
37 Strescon Golf Tournament
38 OSCO Picnic
39 Fresh Faces
39 Congratulations
40 Our Locations
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