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Fall 2005
link: Connections-Fall05-sm.pdf

On this month's cover:
OSCO 50th Anniversary
Brunswick House
Saint John, NB

What we do
Message from Hans Klohn 2-3
Project Flashback 3
Brunway 4
New York Housing 5

Commerce Bank 6
Irving Refinery 7
Harvard University 8
Strescon Expansion 8
Caledonia Trunk Sewer 9
Irving Shipbuilding 10
Quality Inn & Suites 10
New Jersey Hospitals 11
Irving "Back Forty" 12
Precast Parking Garages 13
NY & NJ Schools 14
Irving Blue Canoes 15
Head Office Renovations 15
Job Briefs 16-17
Villa du Repos; Source Atlantic; Centerbeam Place; IOL Rebrand; Irving Paper; Lake Utopia; York Metal Service Center; Rebar

How we do it
Gold Seal Certification 18
Corporate Services 18
Tekla Structures 19
Group Safety Report 20-21
NSCSA Awards for Strescon-NS; C-TPAT training;

Safety Milestones
Steel Quality Management 21
Concrete Fleet News 22
PCI Big Beam Contest 22

Who we are
OSCO Oscars 23
Group Picnic 24
Rally of Hope 24
Bursary Program 25
Group Golf Challenge 25
Flashback Page 26
Fresh Faces 27
Family Additions 27
Engagements 27
Weddings 27
Achievements 27
Group Picnic Photos bac