No single construction material lends itself to a more dazzling array of architectural treatments than precast prestressed concrete. Rich aggregates, decorative shapes, reveals and attractive stone and masonry veneers can all be employed to express a wealth of architectural detail.

It is difficult to imagine an architectural style that cannot be expressed with this material. Precast concrete is not only compatible with all structural systems, it can be designed to harmonize with and complement all other materials.

Precast has the design flexibility of shape, colour and size in virtually any finish or texture. Designs can range from historical to contemporary and project a strong distinctive image. The use of architectural precast concrete projects a quality appearance and offers years of maintenance free operation

Quality precast concrete, produced and erected under stringent quality controls, effectively resists corrosion and damage and retains its good looks for years with no significant staining, discolouration or surface decay. Required maintenance is low - saving plenty of money and inconvenience over the life of the structure.