Stadiums and arenas are impressive structures. Often these projects are built on tight schedules to accommodate some important sporting event. Precast prestressed concrete has been the overwhelming choice for many of these projects.

A venue built in concrete is an investment for the long term, yet it doesn't have to be an investment of high initial cost. In fact, many organizations get far more usability from a Precast concrete structure than they would from other building materials. For example, storage facilities can be built right into your plans with concrete creating more value for your budget and property.

Advantages of a Strescon Stadium:

The strict quality controls of Precast concrete along with its inherent High strength for heavy loads, long spans and minimal framing members plus the Resistance to corrosion, dents, punctures and weathering makes Precast concrete the building material of choice.

Design Freedom
A large range of architectural quality finishes, colors and contours is available to the designer along with the most flexibility in member sizes, widths, heights, lengths and spans plus Load bearing and non-load bearing facades.

Stadium Technical Info

High Value of Precast Concrete
Low initial fabrication cost, Fast construction, reduced site and labor costs, earlier use of the stadium or arena, Minimal maintenance costs, Long life cycle. Our Experienced engineering and detailing staff is available for value engineering and constructability reviews of your proposal. We will assist you in determining the most efficient and cost-effective designs.

Precast has become the preferred choice for arenas & recreational facilities because of durability and ease of maintenance. Seating risers are often combined with other precast components such as stairs, columns, beams and exterior wall panels for complete facility packages.