Strescon Limited will design and build a parking structure to your specific requirements. In order to prepare a proposal for your Company, Strescon requires the following information:

  • Overall garage footprint size and location of garage;
  • Number of parking stalls and/or number of levels;
  • Entrance and exit criteria;
  • Exterior finish of precast concrete spandrels, columns, shear and elevator walls;
  • Whether there is a preference for field-applied topping on the double tees or a pre-topped double tee system;
  • Height restraints and/or additional occupancy uses i.e. retail, storage, mechanical, floor-to-floor heights;
  • Other special condition i.e. firewalls, elevators or snow removal;
  • Typical Column spacing options are: 24 feet; 30 feet; 36 feet; 40 feet; 48 feet. Generally, longer spans are more economical. Custom spans are also offered on request;
  • Double Tee widths supplied are up to 12 feet; typical spans are 55 to 60 feet for 2 rows of parking with two way travel.


Our Requirements

Typically, Strescon designs and builds the precast structure on foundations designed and supplied by others. Other elements supplied by others are: caulking, field-applied topping, sealing of decks, miscellaneous metals, hand rails, guardrails, ticket booths, security systems, painting, signage and elevators; however, Strescon can supply turnkey system packages in specific instances.

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