Precast Construction is the answer for heavy industrial projects. Precast framing and cladding can be cost effective both on first cost and when considering life cycle cost projections.

Advantages of a Strescon Industrial Building:


Precast Concrete can be used for most heavy industrial applications — specialty and machine buildings (Pulp and Paper mills, wash buildings, control buildings), food processing, pipe racks, equipment slabs, environmental containment, mat foundations, piles, rotating equipment foundations and more.

Indurstrial Building Technical Info


Fast construction means earlier production, occupancy and reduced financing costs. Winter construction can proceed with few weather delays. Precast components are fabricated off-site in heated plants and delivered to the jobsite when needed.

Easy Maintenance

Precast components require little maintenance. Precast concrete resists abrasion, weathering and many harsh chemicals. Precast can withstand washdown, thermal shock and high pressure hose streams.

Fire Resistance

Precast Concrete is noncombustible and has inherent fire resistance. Precast members can be designed to provide the required fire protection. Precast construction protects occupants and building contents from fire. Fire damage and downtime is usually minimal in the event of a fire. Many insurance companies recognize this and provide lower rates.

Precast Panel Systems

Precast Sandwich wall panels are ideal for industrial applications. Panels can be manufactured with insulation values to suit your requirements. Exterior and interior finishes can be smooth, coloured or textured. Panels can be relocated later to accommodate building expansion.

Precast Structures can accommodate most equipment, cranes, monorails, mechanical and electrical systems. Often a modular grid of openings and sleeves or inserts is provided for flexibility and allow for ongoing changes during construction and for future modifications to the building / processes.

Heavy loads and unusual wear conditions call for durable materials and special expertise.

Strescon's products can be used for numerous industrial applications such as food processing, pulp & paper, mining, manufacturing and warehousing.