Consider double tees for those longer spans and heavier loads that exceed the capacity of hollowcore plank. Double tees have evolved from 1220mm (4'-0') widths to 2440mm (8'-0'), 3000mm (10'-0') and 3660mm (12'-0'). Depths can vary from 300mm to 900mm. Spans can range from 10 to 25m for floor loads to over 33m for roofs. Double tee dimensions are based on many factors (design efficiency, most popular usage, fire regulations, transportation regulations). Contact Strescon Limited for further design and detailing information.

The links below will provide you with the specific double tee sizes available along with span/loading charts for the appropriate sizes. The values given in the tables are for gravity loads only and are intended for preliminary member selection. Separate analysis of the effects of lateral loads caused by wind, earthquake, moving loads, etc. must be carried out.

Refer to the pdf files listed below for further Information on Double Tees:

Double Tee Introduction

Double Tee Details

8' Double Tee Span Charts

10' Double Tee Span Charts

12' Double Tee Span Charts

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