When AV Construction in Moncton, New Brunswick wanted to build an extension to the Mapleton Drive housing development, owner Arris Vautour needed to ensure the brook bordering the parking lot did not become contaminated. He asked Basic Design and Associates of Sussex, New Brunswick to design the storm water treatment facilities. The suggestion made was to install a settlement pond, but Arris was not satisfied with this option. His primary concern was the potential for disaster if the neighbourhood children played on the pond in the winter or around it in the summer. He was also concerned with future environmental issues and loss of land to build the pond.

With these concerns taken into consideration, BDA suggested the use of a Stormceptor unit after an information session provided by Strescon. Arris accepted the alternative concept and began to shop around for a supplier. After reviewing a similar style of unit, he ultimately decided that the Stormceptor unit was the best protection for the brook.

With quick approval from the City of Moncton, the project went ahead with Strescon supplying the structure. Arris took delivery of the unit late-morning with installation complete by mid-afternoon. The Stormceptor is now operational and doing it's job protecting Rabbit Brook from the storm water runoff of Mapleton Village.