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Streswall Insulated Panels

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StresWall insulated panels are a plant fabricated high quality wall panel made using 5000 psi (35 MPa) concrete. The mass production technique utilized with this product offers a machine sculptured exterior finish or more traditional architectural relief’s plus modular sizes up to a maximum of 2440mm (8’-0”) width. The Streswall product line is a superior wall panel at prices equal to, or less than conventional wall systems. The panels are prestressed on both interior and exterior panel faces to withstand all stresses due to handling, shipping, erection and service loads.

The panels are designed to span between the foundation and roof structure without intermediate supports to a maximum panel height of 30' (9150 mm) for 8" (200 mm). The panels come fully insulated with a polystyrene core from the foundation to the roof meeting any insulation requirements in your building.


  • Factory made, high quality precast prestressed concrete panel
  • Modular panels/design freedom
  • Fully insulated sandwich wall panels
  • High slender walls reduce the structural frame requirements
  • Finished interior hard wall system
  • Flexible in color, texture and finish
  • Fast wall panel installation reduces construction schedules
  • Freedom with building layout
  • Less winter construction down time
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire rated construction
  • Sound control
  • Reduced schedules means early occupancy
  • Cost savings
  • Load-bearing panels can replace the structural frame
  • Smooth interior finish is easily cleaned
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