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Parking Garages

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Creating the best parking structure to fit the site, users and budget requires a careful balance of all elements and a logical plan from start to finigh. Involving Strescon from the beginning while key design decisions are being made can make a dramatic difference to the final result. Our expertise and input can minimize the time and cost required to complete a project.

Advantages of a Strescon Garage:

Higher Quality
Plant-made components fabricated in a certified, quality controlled environment

Fast, All-Weather Construction
Less delays means more money in the contractors' and owners' pockets

Column Free Layout
Ease of parking due to our long 60-foot spans.

No Steep Ramps
Designs allow for gentle sloping grade changes

Unobstructed Views
"See through" interior litewalls & sheerwalls means increased safety for garage users.

Facades can be designed to blend in with existing surroundings or stand out in their environment

Low Maintenance
No expensive surface coatings to maintain.


Parking Garage Technical Information

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